Blastrac Models

Blastrac Surface Prep Equipment

Jordan Power Equipment carries the full line of Blastrac surface prep machines, parts and accessories. If your model is not listed below or you need help determining your model type, please contact us at 1 (800) 686-1717 and we will happily assist you. Jordan Power Equipment is a concrete surface preparation equipment company with an unwavering commitment to the distribution of quality, high-production cleaning and concrete floor preparation equipment and supplies. Our multiple locations offer sales, leasing, rentals, parts and service and are staffed with experienced and professional cleaning and concrete surface specialists.

Dust Collectors

Blastrac BDC-1112

Blastrac BDC-1114-PKG

Blastrac BDC-1216

Blastrac BDC-1330

Blastrac BDC-1330DBP-LPP-V3-H

Blastrac BDC-3140DBP/230/3/60H

Blastrac BDC-44

Blastrac BDC-66

Blastrac BDC-99

Blastrac 2-48DC

Blastrac 900DC

Hand Tools

Blastrac BL-233 Grinder

Blastrac BMP 150EC Scarifier

Powerdrive Scarifiers

Blastrac BMP-335EHY Scarifier

Blastrac BMP-335GHY Scarifier

Push Shot Blasters

Blastrac 1-8 DEC Shot Blaster

Blastrac 1-8 DEZ Shot Blaster

Powerdrive Shot Blasters

Blastrac 350E Global

Blastrac 500E Global

Blastrac 1-8DPS30

Blastrac 1-10 DS Global Shot Blaster

Blastrac 1-10DPS75

Blastrac 1-10DSG1

Blastrac 1-15DSG1

Blastrac 2-20DT Global Shot Blaster

Blastrac 2-20DTMKII

Blastrac 2-30DSMKIV

Blastrac 2-48DS Global

Blastrac 1-10DLP

Blastrac 1-16DB4

Blastrac 1-16DB Shot Blaster

Blastrac 2-4800DHMKV

Blastrac BMR-85D Shot Blaster

Blastrac 2-45DTM

Blastrac 900VMB


Conversion Kit

Abrasive Steel Shot for Shot Blasters

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