Cleaning Equipment

For more than four decades, we’ve provided America’s finest cleaning equipment and solutions. We proudly carry all the major brands including Advance, American Lincoln, Cimex-USA, Clarke, Kent, Minuteman and Tennant to offer you the best solution for businesses of every size and type. Learn more about our entire line of quality products we offer below.

Automatic Floor Sweepers

AdvanceSW8000Our inventory of automatic floor sweepers includes ride-on, walk-behind and outdoor models that increase the productivity of your cleaning program and boost worker safety in your facility. Investing in a floor sweeper can even save you money in the long haul — over 90% of an average facility’s cleaning costs are labor, and using a floor sweeper can significantly cut that spending while delivering a more efficient, thorough cleaning.

Automatic Floor Scrubbers

AdvanceSC750Investing in an automatic floor scrubber from Jordan Power Equipment can save you thousands of dollars in cleaning costs each year. These powerful machines scrub, squeegee and leave floors dry in just one step, allowing operators to clean more quickly and efficiently than ever before. This boost in productivity results in drastically lowered cleaning costs and safer, cleaner floors.

Combination Sweeper/Scrubbers

AdvanceSC6500Our large selection of combination sweeper/scrubbers features benefits like easy controls, sustainable operations, durable designs and single-pass cleaning in even the most demanding environments. Made by Advance, these machines are ideal for athletic facilities, warehouses, manufacturing plants, healthcare facilities, universities and more.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

ViperSLiderS16Tackle the toughest stains and most foul odors with our huge inventory of carpet cleaning equipment and supplies, including carpet scrubbers, carpet extractors, room dryers and cleaning chemicals made by top brands like Cimex, Viper, Clarke, Nilodor, Kent, Truvox and Advance.


Blastrac2We are a one-stop shop for all the vacuums you’ll ever need to keep your facility cleaner and safer. We provide upright vacuums from Clarke, Advance, Viper and Cimex, canister vacuums that keep downtime low and productivity high, escalator cleaners, wet/dry cleaners and air powered CFMs that help you get the job done right.

Floor Machines and Burnishers

ClarkeCFPOur Clarke, Viper and Advance floor machines deliver maximum cleaning power and make tackling tough jobs easier than ever before. Ideal for educational facilities, cleaning contractors, healthcare facilities and industrial spaces, our cleaning equipment for sale reduces labor costs and cleaning times.

Cleaning Solutions

RedHeat1We provide cleaning solutions from Interstate Supply, including industrial degreasers that effectively strip dirt, oil, sludge, grime, grease, soap scum and other films from nearly any surface.

To learn more about our cleaning equipment for sale, contact the team at Jordan Power today.

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