Carpet Cleaning Equipment & Supplies

Our vast inventory of carpet cleaning equipment and products helps you tackle the toughest stains and most stubborn odors. Useful for restoration projects and daily maintenance, these carpet scrubbers, carpet extractors, room dryers and carpet cleaning chemicals are made by some of the best names in the industry, including Truvox, Cimex, Advance, Viper, Kent, Clarke and Nilodor.

Carpet Scrubbers for Sale

Our selection of carpet scrubbers can be used on virtually any type of floor surface, including escalators, travelators and entrance matting. Offering both normal maintenance and intensive scrubbing, these carpet scrubbers by Truvox and Cimex ensure the very best operational control and cleaning action.

Carpet Extractors

We are proud to offer carpet extractors for sale by Kent, Cimex, Viper, Advance and Clarke. These carpet cleaning machines promote sustainable cleaning practices with their advanced and innovative technologies and offer extremely powerful performance. Compact models offer great cleaning power for tight spaces, spot removal and touch-ups, and many of our carpet extractors offer unprecedented flexibility, fast dry times, increased productivity and sustainable operation.

Room Dryers

Manufactured by Cimex, Kent, Viper, Clarke and Advance, our wide array of room dryers are effective on commercial and residential carpets, damp basements and any other damp area. Perfect for restoration work or following scrubbing, waxing, finishing and extraction, these room dryers may also help dry fresh paint or concrete sealers.

Cleaning Chemicals

Made by Cimex, our inventory of carpet cleaning chemicals will help clean and restore your carpets to like-new conditions. We have formulas for every need, whether it be loosening and encapsulating soil for easy removal, breaking up stains in high traffic areas or digesting and liquifying organic waste, blood, starch, fats and other odorous solutions. To learn more about our carpet cleaning equipment for sale, contact the team at Jordan Power Equipment today!

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