Kent SelectSpot

KentSelectSpotThe Kent SelectSpot does touch-up cleaning on carpets, and cleans congested or hard-to-reach areas like stairs, upholstery, even automobile interiors. The hand-held tool dispenses solution and vacuums-up the dirty solution. Hand-carried or cart-mounted, the portable SelectSpot easily moves from job to job. The optional cart carries the power cord, hoses, cleaning tools and chemicals easily!

Wolf130The Wolf 130 1 Gallon Carpet Spotter’s compact design and built in transport wheels, add to this machine’s ease of use. It maintains the attractive “Viper” styling found throughout the brand. It comes equipped with 8 foot solution and vacuum hoses and the twist lock spray jet. Although this is a compact machine the design allows for easy access to service the unit.

Viper Slider SL10BOX

SliderSL10BoxThis 10 Gallon Box Extractor has the attractive “Viper” styling that includes the compact and easy to service design. Standard on features on this extractor are a 12 inch stainless steel carpet wand, a 15 foot vacuum and solution hoses and the rotationally molded polyethlene tanks.

Viper Slider 1610SE

ViperSLiderS16The Slider 1610SE is a 16 inch self-contained extractor and has the attractive “Viper” styling that includes the compact and easy to service design. This well balanced extractor has cylindrical brush, simple and easy to use controls and twist lock spray jets. Also standard is the 10 gallon rotationally molded polyethylene tanks.

Advance AquaSpot

AdvanceAquaSpotThe handy AquaSpot is a convenient, easy-to-use extractor for quick clean-ups or spot cleaning carpets, hard to get at areas and upholstery. Its hand-held tool dispenses cleaning solution directly on spots or heavily soiled areas, and immediately recovers the dirty solution. Its lightweight and compact size make the AquaSpot easy to bring to congested areas or off-the-floor places that need cleaning.

Advance ET600

AdvanceET600The Advance ET600 Portable Extractor series delivers unmatched cleaning performance and unlimited flexibility for your carpet extracting applications. Providing superior heating capabilities, the ET600 ensures continuous heating of 212 degress Fahrenheit solution to attack your toughest stains. Plus, with two pressures available-100 psi and 400 psi-you can choose the extractor best suited for the job at hand.

Advance AquaClean 12ST

AdvanceAquaClean12STIf you’re seeking a carpet extractor with greater productivity per tankful, then consider the benefits of the AquaClean 12ST self-contained extractor. Ideal for facilities with smaller amounts of carpet, the compact AquaClean 12ST extractor houses a 5-gallon solution tank that cleans 1,000 square feet of carpet without refilling. That’s an impressive 100% productivity gain over most competitors!

AquaClean 16ST/16XP/18FLX

AdvanceAquaClean16AquaClean self-contained carpet extractors include the basic, hard-working 16ST model, or the deluxe, feature-rich 16XP and 18FLX. The AquaClean 16XP and 18FLX feature Advance’s patented Dual Cleaning Mode (DCM) technology for fast dry times, reduced cost to clean, increased productivity and sustainable operation.

Advance AquaPlus

AdvanceAquaPlusAquaPLUS and AquaPLUS AXP battery-powered carpet extractors feature Advance’s patented LIFT low-moisture technology for a clean that receives the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval for soil removal and dry times. AquaPLUS extractors with LIFT (Low-moisture, Indirect spray, Fast dry time, True cleaning) feature a patented spray system.

Advance Adphibian

AdvanceAdphibianAdvance’s Adphibian soft and hard floor machine is designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility by enabling cleaning staff to use one machine to clean carpets scrub hard floors. A 30 second tools-free changeover lets operators switch between using a full- functioning carpet extractor and a full-functioning cylindrical scrubber.

Advance ES4000

AdvanceES4000One machine does it all, faster. The Advance ES4000 Total Carpet Care System offers complete versatility, from everyday carpet maintenance to deep restorative extraction. Upgrade from a fleet of dedicated use carpet extractors to a single high efficiency rider that offers vastly more productivity, better equipment utilization and faster cleaning. Realize productivity improvements of up to 400% over walk-behind sweepers and extractors. Clean better and clean smarter while reducing your total cost of ownership.

Clarke Bext Pro

ClarkeBextProThe Bext Pro features a simple clam shell design, which permits easy component access and maintenance, while a 13 gallon solution tank enables you to tackle large jobs or easily maneuver in compact areas. Equipped with exclusive circuit finder technology on heated models, the Bext Pro easily identifies when the machine is plugged into separate circuits. The Bext Pro also offers self-contained storage for the power cord and a compartment for detergent bottles, hand tools and other cleaning accessories—providing increased cleaning convenience.

Clarke Clean Track L24

ClarkeTrackL24Equipped with an Onboard Detergent Dispensing System, the Clean Track L24 allows you to use any brand of green-certified detergent, eliminating the need to purchase a proprietary chemical, while also minimizing the use of chemicals and water. Quiet operation, at 69 dB A, enhances the Clean Track L24’s environmentally friendly performance by meeting the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings’ (LEED-EB) IEQ credit guidelines for green cleaning equipment.

Clarke BextSpot Pro

ClarkeBextSpotProThe BEXTSpot Pro  provides a compact, lightweight highly portable tool for quick carpet or upholstery spot clean-up. With a 1 gallon tank, there is plenty of solution capacity for the emergency small jobs that present themselves in schools, offices, food service areas or healthcare facilities. With a powerful pump & vacuum motor, this very convenient machine gets the job done fast, & can then be stored away out of sight.

Clarke Clean Track 12

ClarkeCleanTrack12The small footprint and straight-forward controls make the Clean Track 12 easy to operate, maneuver, and transport. The 12-inch cleaning path allows extraction in tight spaces such as elevators. The laminar-flow shoe and controlled water usage assist with faster dry times so normal traffic can resume without extended interruption.

Clarke Clean Track S16 & L18

ClarkeCleanTrackS16Get cleaner carpets and enhance facility appearance with the Clarke Clean Track S16 and L18 self-contained portable extractors. A compact, easily-maneuverable design, combined with a 16 or 18 inch cleaning path, allows you to tackle cleaning challenges ranging from (commercial) office spaces, libraries, and hotel rooms, just to name a few. An optional hard floor kit extends the Clean Track’s application flexibility, quickly converting it to a hard surface cleaner for tiled and grouted floors. With simple tank filling, tools-free brush and vacuum shoe removal and intuitive controls, Clean Track extractors provide an unprecedented easy-to-use cleaning solution.

Clarke Clean Track 18

ClarkeCleanTrack18Improve cleaning productivity with the sustainable, featured-filled Clarke Clean Track 18 Wash & Rinse carpet extractor. Patented Wash & Rinse operation ensures your carpet gets clean without leaving a detergent residue. A large 13 gallon tank & wide 18 inch cleaning path allows you to tackle your sizeable cleaning areas, ranging from universities & healthcare facilities to malls and restaurants.

Clarke EX40™ 16ST & 18LX

Clarke-EX40-18LX-250Clarke is carrying on their long tradition of durable, user-friendly extractors with the introduction of the EX40™ 16ST and 18LX self-contained extractors. These CRI certified cleaning machines are proven to very effectively remove soil from your carpets, improving indoor air quality and extending the life of your carpets. As cleaning professionals have come to expect, these Clarke machines are also compact, extremely versatile and easy to operate. Plus, with One-Touch™ control cleaning your carpets is as simple as switching on and selecting your cleaning mode.

Advance ES300™ & ES400™

Advance ES300With the introduction of the ES300™ and ES400™ self contained extractors, Advance has entered a new era of carpet cleaning. Built on the industry leading AquaClean® platform, these multi-purpose machines are ideal for cleaning your high-traffic carpeted areas. Featuring LIFT ™ as well as our Dual Cleaning Mode technologies, the ES300™ XP and ES400™ XLP allow you to perform deep cleaning or interim cleaning with super-quick dry times. With the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval, you can be certain that these machines not only thoroughly remove dirt and water, but also meet the highest standards in the industry to help extend the life of your carpets.

Advance ES20™

Advance ES300ES20™ portable extractors are the culmination of a major engineering and design initiative of Clarke that emanated from direct field input of cleaning technicians who used high performance portable extraction machines every day. The ES20 represents a dramatic step forward in implementing unique, productivity enhancing features that considered even the minutest detail.

Advance EX30™

Advance ES300The EX30™ is the result of years of extensive engineering and design experience coming together with customer feedback to create one of the most powerful and user-friendly portable carpet extractors ever made. The EX30 is designed with the end user’s needs in mind. Features like upright, dolly design for easy loading, unloading and stair climbing make the EX30 easy to handle by one person.

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