Pressure Washers

Hot Water Pressure Washers for Sale

We are proud to provide hot water pressure washers made by Karcher that feature the very latest, most innovative technology and convenient features. Hot water pressure washers offer many benefits when it comes to environmental impact, economy and cleaning results. Hot water pressure washers excel at ridding buildings, vehicles and machines of stubborn grime and dirt, including oils, proteins and greases. With water temperatures up to 311 degrees, hot water pressure washers reduce the amount of detergent and time needed to create impressive results. Often, detergent can be entirely omitted because the water is hot enough to do the trick. This is one of the greatest environmental benefits of choosing a hot water pressure washer. Hot water pressure washers also dry faster and may be subsequently processed or used in less time, and the high water temperatures significantly reduce the presence of germs on surfaces. In many instances, disinfectant is not needed to create a hygienic space when you use a hot water pressure washer.

Cold Water Pressure Washers

The high flow rate and high pressure of Karcher’s cold water pressure washers for sale at Jordan Power make it easy to clen vehicles, machines and buildings. The combination of cold water and pressure removes even the most stubborn dirt with ease, and these machines are ideal for washing large areas. The Karcher HD Liberty series of cold water pressure washers are some of the most powerful in the industry, offering impressive cleaning power of up to 5000 PSI. These units are protected by durable roll cages that are powder coated and built of rugged steel, and every unit features Lombardini or Honda engines, electric start, tri-plunger oil bath pumps, an extra tough belt-drive assembly, cast iron pulleys, notched V belts and 13-inch tubed pneumatic tires. Each and every Karcher cold water pressure washer is also ETL safety certified.

Outdoor Pressure Washers

The Advance Cyclone 4500 delivers a patented cleaning and recovery head that effectively removes petroleum deposits and waste from asphalt and concrete without releasing discharge to the environment or damaging cleaning surfaces. A sustainable cleaning solution, this outdoor pressure washer for sale by Jordan Power Equipment also eliminates wet feet, dragging hoses and surface runoff. To learn more about our hot water pressure washers, cold water pressure washers and outdoor pressure washers, contact the team at Jordan Power Equipment today.