Floor Scrubbers

Saving money is the number one reason facility managers and contractors buy floor scrubbers from Jordan Power Equipment. Investing in the right automatic floor scrubbing machine can save your facility thousands of dollars every year in cleaning costs. Because automatic floor scrubbers scrub, squeegee and dry floors in just one step, operators can finish cleaning jobs more quickly and efficiently than ever possible with a mop and bucket. This increased efficiency can drastically cut your overall cleaning costs while resulting in a cleaner, safer and more attractive floor. Our inventory of floor scrubbers for sale includes models by Advance, Clarke and Viper — three of the very best manufacturers in the industry.

Advance Floor Scrubbers for Sale

Advance floor scrubbers are known for their performance, flexibility and ease of use. Each and every floor scrubber made by Advance comes equipped with Smart Solutions technology that optimizes chemical and water use by putting the operator in control of flow rates. This is just one of the many ways Advance floor scrubbers are sustainably designed. In addition to this feature, Advance floor scrubbers for sale through Jordan Power also offer increased productivity and safety, and they leave floors clean and dry in just one pass. We carry a wide range of walk-behind and riding floor scrubbers to meet your needs, and most operate at low noise levels of 65 dB or less so they won’t disturb daily operations when cleaning.

Clarke Floor Scrubbers for Sale

Clarke has been a leading manufacturer in the cleaning industry for over nine decades, and their floor scrubbers result in safer, healthier and happier facilities for customers, employees and visitors. Clarke automatic floor scrubbers deliver cost-effective, sustainable performance that meets and exceeds even the highest expectations. These responsive and powerful machines are perfect for a wide range of applications, and their rugged designs mean they will provide years of outstanding cleaning power.

Viper Floor Scrubbers for Sale

Viper walk-behind floor scrubbers are designed to maximize operator ease, productivity and performance. The Fang series of floor scrubbers features simple, easy-to-use controls, attractive styling and compact designs that make cleaning in even the tightest aisles and spaces easy. To learn more about these and other floor scrubbers for sale, contact our team.

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