Floor Sweepers

Investing in an automatic floor sweeper from Jordan Power Equipment delivers immediate and lasting results to your facility, including increased productivity, product contamination and worker safety. Ride-on and walk-behind floor sweepers also protect the surfaces of your floors and help you maintain a quality image for your business. Buying an automatic floor sweeper can also save you money in the long run. On average, over 90% of a facility’s overall floor cleaning costs are labor, and using an automatic floor sweeper can drastically cut that spending while delivering a faster, more thorough cleaning. We are proud to carry floor sweepers for sale made by Advance and Clarke, two of the best manufacturers in the industry.

Advance Floor Sweepers for Sale

Advance industrial and commercial floor sweepers feature operator-friendly controls and tools-free maintenance. Both walk-behind and ride-on Advance floor sweepers deliver cost-effective, superior cleaning results for nearly any application with paths ranging from 26 inches to up to 78 inches wide. Appropriate for all conditions and surfaces, Advance floor sweepers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications and hard and soft floors. These machines are designed to meet and exceed green cleaning practices, and their durable construction, versatile designs and innovative technologies make them a favorite of facility managers in every industry.

Clarke Floor Sweepers for Sale

Clarke’s BSW 28 sweeper is an excellent solution for removing debris on carpeted, concrete and resilient floors. Designed to be both versatile and rugged, this Clarke automatic floor sweeper features a 28-inch sweeping path, self-propelled traction, gel batteries and an active side broom that easily sweeps dust and debris from the edges of walls. Quiet and efficient, the floor sweeper also features a large hopper capacity and on-board charger. To learn more about these and other automatic floor sweepers for sale from Jordan Power Equipment contact our team today.

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