Riding Sweepers

Advance Terra 4300B

AdvanceTerra4300Ba1The Terra® 4300B rider sweeper offers increased productivity over walk-behind sweepers with its great maneuverability combined with a 43″ sweep path that can cover up to 48,840 square feet/hour. The Terra 4300B rider sweeper can sweep both sides of a 48 in. aisle or hallway, and is designed for use both indoors and out, on hard floors, low-nap carpet and sidewalks. The sweeper’s tight 51.5″ turning radius allows it to easily maneuver in narrow, congested areas — making it the ideal sweeper for departmental cleaning. The Terra 4300B sweeper is rugged and robust to meet the demands of today’s tough industrial cleaning applications.

Advance SW4000

AdvanceSW4000The SW4000™ Rider Sweeper provides high productivity and reliable cleaning performance to attack tough sweeping applications. Designed with a safe and efficient hydraulic high dump, the SW4000 delivers exceptional productivity. Operator intuitive front wheel steering and front wheel drive offer superior maneuverability in tight corners or narrow aisles. From warehouse and distribution centers to outdoor parking lots and lumber yards, the SW4000 ensures a professionally swept finish for diverse indoor and outdoor applications.

Advance ProTerra

AdvanceProTerraThe Advance Proterra is the ideal solution for industrial sweeping applications from factories to warehouses, parking garages to foundries and many more. The unique design makes fast work of sweeping a facility with its large cleaning paath, excellent manuverability and high capacity hopper. An ergonomic operator interface and the unique clear view sight line of critical sweep areas ensures hours of safe and comfortable sweeping.

Advance SW8000

AdvanceSW8000The Advance SW8000™ is unsurpassed in indoor and outdoor power sweeping. A 50 inch main broom – the widest in this sweeper class – combined with full time dust controlled dual side brooms*, creates an incredible 77 inch sweep path. On conventional rider sweepers, dust is controlled at the main broom only. The side brooms, the biggest source of dust, must be raised in open areas when fugitive dust is a concern.

Advance Granterra

AdvanceGranterraThe Granterra is the largest, most durable sweeper in the Advance line. Heavy-duty steel construction withstands years of rugged use, even in the harshest environments. Equipped with a standard 50-inch main broom and single side brush, the Granterra offers a 66-inch wide sweep path. Add an optional second side brush to expand the sweep path to a full 78 inches.

Factory Cat TR

AdvanceGranterraFactory Cat’s Floor Sweepers sweepers are built to sweep factories: dirt, dust, metal shavings, foundry sand, bolts, paper, wood, whatever there is. Factory Cat’s are compact, not light-duty. The Factory Cat model TR’s design was built from the success of our Model 34 walk behind sweeper.

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