Jordan Power Equipment is your one-stop-shop for vacuums. Whether you are looking for upright vacuums, canister vacuums, escalator cleaners, wet/dry vacuums or air powered CFMs for sale, we’ve got you covered and can connect you with the cleaning power you need.

Upright Vacuums

Our expansive inventory of upright vacuums for sale are designed to maximize productivity, performance and operator ease. Manufactured by some of the best names in the industry – including Cimex, Viper, Clarke and Advance – these upright vacuums create cleaner carpets and healthier environments. Features of these innovative models include easy maneuverability, self-adjusting brush heights, ultra-durable construction, superior filtration and maximum pickup.

Canister Vacuums

If you want to keep your downtime low and your productivity high, consider purchasing one of our canister vacuums for sale from KleanRite, Advance, Blastrac, Clarke or Viper. These models each feature innovative benefits, including self-cleaning filters, patented dust collection systems, large dust bags, quiet yet powerful performance and more. Within our inventory, you’ll find the perfect canister vacuum for your needs, whether you need a machine for cleaning your office, hotel or store or for collecting fine dust from drywall, wood or concrete.

Escalator Cleaners

The Cimex X46 Escalator Cleaner makes dirty escalators a thing of the past. This powerful by compact machine quickly and easily cleans travelator and escalator treads by loosening grime and dirt and removing it with the help of twin vacuum motors. Making an escalator cleaner part of your cleaning equipment inventory doesn’t just keep your travelators or escalators looking great, but it also helps to reduce maintenance costs and keep your facility safe.

Wet/Dry Cleaners

Our selection of wet/dry cleaners is designed to boost operator ease while increasing productivity and performance. Features include superior filtration systems, multiple accessories and easy-to-use controls.

To learn more about our vacuums for sale and how they can make your facility cleaner and safer, contact the team at Jordan Power Equipment today.

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