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Manufacturer Spotlight: Cimex



The Cimex line of equipment dates back to the early 1930’s when the three headed, counter planetary motion machine was originally commissioned by the Royal British Navy for use on the decks of their fleet.

The reason this machine exists was due to the pulling associated with single headed buffing equipment of the time. When at sea, specifically on the deck of a large military ship, keeping your footing is paramount lest you end up in the drink.

As such, the counter rotating motion was born. Our line of floor cleaning and resurfacing equipment still runs on the same principal employed some 80 years ago. The patented motion applies constant pressure to surfaces both flat and bumpy alike, all while maintaining it’s position. Turn the machine on and everything except the business end stays perfectly still.


Featured Products

Carpet Machine


The Cimex Carpet Machine sets the industry standard for low moisture carpet encapsulation cleaning. This method of shampooing uses a polymer solution that encases or “encapsulates” the dirt particles.

The low moisture aspect of this approach means that it uses very little water compared to the more common hot water extraction technique. As such, you can feel good about reducing waste water and ultimately operating cost. That being said, the main reason to use this machine is the science behind the encapsulation process itself.

A frequent problem with regular carpet cleaning is that extractors use a soapy detergent that leaves behind a sticky residue. New dirt particles cling to this residue left on the carpet fibers, thus causing re-soiling. The encapsulation process creates a hard crystal shell around the dirt. Said dirt is then completely removed by vacuuming. Afterwards, the dust bags are neatly discarded. This stands in stark contrast to the dumping of many gallons of dirty water.


Floor Scrubber


The Cimex Floor Scrubber is capable of cleaning and polishing virtually every kind of flooring. Designed for ease of use, the machine keeps two wheels on the floor at all times making it easy to maneuver across any surface.

A complete range of floating brushes and pads are available for use with the Floor Scrubber. They cover a host of tasks from scrubbing grout lines, dimpled textures and uneven surfaces to polishing hardwood, tile and stone flooring. The machine’s belt drive allows for quiet operation, ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and schools. Non-marking wheels ensure a professional finish.

The three-headed mechanism makes the operator’s task easier as it eliminates the tendency to slide, often encountered with single headed machines. This is made possible because of our patented counter rotating system. It allows for a more thorough cleaning and greater operational control.


Diamond Finisher


The Cimex Diamond Finisher allows for successive stages of floor preparation on concrete, marble, granite, terrazzo and stone floors to be completed more rapidly and with less effort than is possible by conventional methods.

The three-headed, counter rotating system of our Cimex Diamond Finisher works in tandem with a selection of diamond faced finishing discs. These discs are graded from coarse to fine to accommodate newly laid floors, damaged stone and surface re-polishing.

The generous 6.6 gallon solution tank allows for long stretches of uninterrupted usage during wet applications. Thanks to its superior design, the Cimex Diamond Finisher maintains constant pressure on all surfaces. This allows for clean, even cutting without the rotational scoring often found in other floor finishing systems. Also featured is the forward and reverse function. This allows the machine to operate in both directions, ensuring a smooth finish.


Surface Scarifier


The Cimex Surface Scarifier tackles a wide range of preparation jobs at a blistering pace. You can count on the Surface Scarifier to excel at difficult projects such as the removal of impacted oil, grease and debris from concrete floors. In addition, it easily eliminates rust, paint and oil build up from steel plates as well as adhesives and foam backing from carpet removal projects.

The Cimex Surface Scarifier combines our patented, counter rotating system with a wide selection of cutter tools, wire brushes, diamond grinding blades, diamond resin polishing pads and carbide scraping blades. All of which are designed to tackle extreme coating removal and concrete scarifying scenarios.

These machines are built to take the punishment of the most difficult industrial applications. Their unique design maintains constant pressure over an evenly dispersed area because of the centrally mounted motor. This helps in avoiding uneven cutting and rotational scoring.


Escalator Cleaner


The Cimex Escalator Cleaner provides a simple solution to the problem of dirty escalators by quickly and efficiently cleaning the treads. The machine can utilize two different brush sets; The Tynex Brush for aggressive sweeping or the Nylon Brush for routine maintenance.

Thorough cleaning of the treads is achieved by dual powered 290 rpm twin brushes which loosen dirt and grit. The grimy residue is then instantly removed by the Escalator Cleaners dual vacuum motors, leaving the escalator working at peak performance and keeping surfaces clean and sanitary.

A well maintained escalator or moving walkway helps to not only to improve overall appearance but reduce service costs as well. The quick-change disposable bag system is fast and easy, providing an eco-friendly disposal option.


Ozone Generator


The Powr-Zone Ozone Generator quickly neutralizes odors and leaves fresh oxygen in its place. It effectively cleans up to 60,000 cubic feet by destroying odor-causing bacteria and molecules. The power of O3 is ideal for removing smoke, pet odors, mold, and mildew.

Use ozone generators in locations such as hospital rooms, hotel/motel rooms, kitchens, baths, and car interiors. Powr-Zone Ozone Generators have a 12-hour timer and power supply overload protection. There are no UV tubes, and no routine maintenance is required.

The safest way to utilize the odor-neutralizing benefits of an ozone generator is to run it while the space is unoccupied. Simply set the timer to switch off an hour before you return so the ozone has time to safely dissipate (turn back into oxygen) prior to reoccupying the space.

For vehicles we recommend a 2-3 hour run time through the night for a clean, bacteria free space.


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