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The Nilfisk-Advance Horizon Program: An Autonomous Cleaning System

Nilfisk-Advance Horizon ProgramIn spring 2017, the Nilfisk-Advance Horizon program is launching a smart, simple and highly reliable self-operating machine that has the power to multiply the effectiveness of any cleaning program. It can handle repetitive tasks with consistent performance without the need for training but, most importantly, time normally spent manually operating a scrubber can now be re-allocated toward a more focused and efficient cleaning program.

The proprietary advanced technology recognizes an entire room in a single pass. The sensor suite has been optimized to guide the machine quickly and safely, while detecting and avoiding any obstacles. The simple and intuitive interface makes this self-learning scrubber extremely user-friendly, allowing for hours of independent cleaning. The Horizon Program is more than a range of cleaning products or technologies; it’s the first step in reimagining the cleaning industry as a whole and what it means to your business.

Nilfisk-Advance’s work with Carnegie Robotics is like no other partnership in the industry. They have combined over a century of cleaning expertise with technologies used in military operations, machine vision and autonomy research to develop the most sophisticated, highest performing, autonomous cleaning products on the market.

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