Surface Preparation Equipment

Jordan Power is a leading provider of surface preparation equipment for sale, including powerful dust collectors, grinders, hand tools, scarifiers and floor strippers. We provide all the equipment and tools you need to polish, resurface, protect and repair concrete flooring. Our inventory includes machines made by the industry’s very best brands, including EDCO, Kut-Rite, Lite-Prep, Cimex, Bartell Global, Blastrac and Innovatech. We understand the world of concrete better than anyone. You can count on our equipment and expertise to give you the confidence needed to tackle any resurfacing project.

For over 35 years, we have provided businesses and industries with the surface preparation equipment that makes their floors safer and cleaner. Our specialists are happy to recommend the best piece of equipment for your job. Every model we sell or rent is backed by our commitment to providing outstanding customer service, and we look forward to working with you! Check out our surface prep equipment for sale below, and learn more by contacting us today.

Dust Collectors

Our dust collectors are specifically designed to excel even in the face of rigors associated with working with asphalt, masonry and tile mortar and cement. These powerful machines significantly reduce the amount of dust and debris generated on job sites and help create more eco-friendly work conditions, reduce operator fatigue and reduce health issues on the job.


Made by the best manufacturers in the industry, including BW Manufacturing, EDCO, Cimex, Kut-Rite and Lite-Prep, our selection of grinders are the most powerful and efficient surface prep machines available today. Features include ergonomic designs, easy steering, interchangeable polisher heads, infinite adjustability, dust-free operations and the ability to resurface hundreds of feet per hour.

Hand Tools

HandToolsOur collection of surface prep hand tools makes any job easier. We provide hand-held grinders made just for concrete prep and coatings removal, heavy-duty scarifiers that are perfect for surface leveling, milling, etching and grinding, and squabblers that are the ideal complement to our needle scalers for demanding applications. Our inventory also includes air powered hand scalers, scarifiers and scrapers.

Push and Powerdrive Shot Blasters

We provide easy-to-use, versatile shot blast systems with features like electric independent drive and drum motors, variable speeds, state-of-the-art scarifying heads, removable dust containment boxes, ergonomic designs, adjustable depth control and more.


We provide push and powerdrive scarifiers for every project, featuring benefits like carefully-designed components, optimum weight distribution, efficient operations, variable speed controls, outstanding maneuverability, effortless operation, high performance rates, convenient safety features and high speed surface preparation at prices you can afford.


StrippersOur large inventory of strippers includes machines by industry giants, like Bartell Global, Blastrac, EDCO, Innovatech and National Equipment. These strippers boost productivity with their innovative features, including hydraulic designs, high removal rates, convenient transport, quiet operation, compact designs and tight maneuverability.

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