BWManufacturing DG-16 Diamond Grinder/Polisher

BWManufacturing-DG-16-Diamond-Grinder-Polisher250x250The DG-16 walk behind is unlike any other grinder on the market today. The 16” floating grinding head is adjusted up and down using spring pressure, allowing infinite adjustability. A specifically designed shroud keeps the machine and work area virtually dust free when connected to the A-101 Pulse Vac. The DG-16 is designed for coating removal to high gloss polishing on totally dry concrete. Course diamond segments, for coating removal, can easily be changed to fine resin pads to reach your desired gloss.

BW Manufacturing DG-25 Diamond Grinder

DG-25-Diamond-Grinder-Polisher-attachment-250x250BW Manufacturing has produced the only mid-sized ride on surface preparation machine on the market. The SCB-1200 features a removable dust containment box with wheels for ease of dumping. The interchangeable shotblast/scarifier/diamond grinder polisher heads give you the mobility and versatility to switch applications in minutes. Ergonomically designed one handed operation controls for raising and lowering heads, and easy to turn manual steering were designed with the contractor in mind. The DG-25 Diamond Grinder/Polisher attachment is unlike any other diamond grinder polisher on the market today.

BW Manufacturing DG-50 Diamond Grinder/Polisher

DG-50-Diamond-Grinder-Polisher-attachment-250x250The DG-50 Diamond Grinder/Polisher is unlike any other diamond grinder on the market today. What sets this floor grinder apart from all the others is the floating grinding heads and the specially designed shroud  that keeps the machine virtually dust free when connected to the SCB-1600 along with removing all material off the floor reducing clean up cost. The technology started with our DG-16 that developed into the DG-25 and now the DG-50 with four independent heads that gives a grinding width of 50 inches.

Cimex CR48 Diamond Finisher

Cimex-CR48-250x250A unique finishing system specifically designed for cement, marble, granite, terrazzo and other stone floors, the Cimex CR48 Diamond Finisher allows successive stages of stone floor preparation or restoration to be completed more rapidly and with less effort than is possible with conventional methods.

EDCO 7" Turbo Edge Grinder

EDCO-7-Turbo-Edge-Grinder-250x250The TMC-7, Turbo Edge Grinder comes standard with a flex head assembly on electric models. An optional rigid head assembly is available, and standard on gas models. Three-position articulating frame adjustment for left angle, right angle or straight position grinding. Four-position dust shroud allows flush grinding against any vertical surface in the left angle, right angle or straight position. Multiple-position handle assembly allows the operator to work behind the unit for edge grinding or in front of the unit and control the amount of grinding pressure applied.

EDCO 10" Turbo Grinder

EDCO-10-Turbo-Grinder-250x250The TG-10 is four times faster than conventional grinders. 10″ Working width will grind approximately 400-500 sq. ft. per hour at 1/16? with an EDCO Diamond Disc. Grind wet or dry. Includes 10″ Diamond Disc & standard vacuum port. Rounded shroud allows you to grind within 1/2” of any vertical surface and also provides better dust control. Less torque on operator. Tapered roller bearings have improved seals for longer life and less maintenance. GRIND LEVEL WITH EDCO’S NEW STANDARD LEVELING KIT!!

EDCO Classic Dual Disc Floor Grinder

EDCO-CLASSIC-STYLE-DUAL-DISC-FLOOR-GRINDER-250x25022″ working width will grind approximately 400-500 sq.ft. per hour at 1/32″ with EDCO Dyma-Serts Gas, electric & propane power options available.Includes 2 multi-accessory discs, which accept Dyma-Serts, Strip-Serts and all other grinder accessories. 2″ Vacuum port and water port. Counter-rotating discs prevent machine from pulling side to side and give operator greater control.6 grinding accessories required per loading. Electric, Gasoline and Propane models available

SPE Easy Grind EG1

Easy-Gring-EG1-250Angle grinders are subject to a multitude of uses in many small scale surface preparation tasks. SPE produces a range of angle grinders that have been tested to meet our expectations in both performance and reliability. When coupled with the unique product range of accessories offered by SPE, the functionality of even 9″ angle grinders can be extended – even trolley mounted.

EDCO Direct Drive Grinder

EDCO-DIRECT-DRIVE-GRINDER-250x250The DDG is a combination of power and simplicity. The 110-Volt grinder is maintenance free. No parts to service and no belts to replace. Resurfaces hundreds of sq ft per hour Performs some Edge Grinding tasks Compatible with EDCO Vortex 200 Vacuum for dust-free working At only 81lbs it fits inside car trunks when the handlebar is collapsed

EDCO Heavy Duty Floor Grinder Polisher

EDCO-HEAVY-DUTY-FLOOR-GRINDER-POLISHER-250x25022″ Working Width grinds approximately 500 sq. ft. per hour at 1/32″ – 1/16″ per pass with EDCO Dyma-Dots. Includes 2-Slide-On Multi-Accessory Discs, which accept all EDCO Dyma-Slider accessories, 2-3″ Vacuum Port and Water Port.6 Dyma-Slider accessories required per loading.

EDCO Wedgeless Dual Floor Grinder

EDCO-WEDGE-LESS-DUAL-DISC-FLOOR-GRINDER-250x250NEW REDESIGNED EDCO Concrete Floor Grinders! GRIND WEDGE-LESS: The need for wooden wedges goes away with EDCO’s NEW Slide-On Accessories. GRIND LEVEL: Using EDCO’s exclusive Leveling System you can adjust the machine’s height, use a wide range of accessories, and truly grind level. Level grinding is quicker, smoother, easier on the operator , and increases accessory life. VELCRO DUST SHROUD: This new heavy-duty Velcro Dust Shroud makes dust prevention easier.

EDCO Wedgeless Single Disc Floor Grinder

EDCO-WEDGE-LESS-SINGLE-DISC-FLOOR-GRINDER-250x250NEW REDESIGNED EDCO Concrete Floor Grinders! GRIND WEDGE-LESS: The need for wooden wedges goes away with EDCO’s NEW Slide-On Accessories. GRIND LEVEL: Using EDCO’s exclusive Leveling System you can adjust the machine’s height, use a wide range of accessories, and truly grind level. Level grinding is quicker, smoother, easier on the operator , and increases accessory life. VELCRO DUST SHROUD: This new heavy-duty Velcro Dust Shroud makes dust prevention easier. Simply readjust the shroud according to the height of the accessory being used.

Kut-Rite Conquer 25 Grinder

With nearly 500lbs of muscle, the Conquer25 Concrete Grinder/Polisher incorporates a dual phase 7.5hp motor and a 25″ grinding path. The Conquer25 is more than just a machine, it’s a system. The Conquer25 features the Magnetic Quick Disconnect (QD) tool mounting system and the user friendly “tilt back” design grinder head, for quick safe and easy tool changes.

Kut-Rite Conquer 25 LP Grinder

Kut-Rite has partnered with Onyx Environmental Solutions to produce the most versatile propane operated grinder/polisher available in the industry. The Onyx technology exceeds OSHA standards for indoor operation ensuring the safety of the operator and the workplace environment. The Onyx propane system reduces carbon monoxide emissions by up to 98% over conventional propane powered systems by continuously adjusting the fuel flow and emissions automatically.

Kut-Rite Conquer Twin Grinder

The Innovative Conquer Twin concept incorporates two passive planetary turntables with three abrasive drivers each. The turntables are positioned one behind the other (22″ wide) or side by side (42″ wide). The turntables counter-rotate and are synchronized with a gear system. The drivers and turntables are capable of rotating clockwise or counter clockwise and the machine incorporates three processing positions; 1) Planetary Mode, 2) Rotary Mode and 3) Hybrid Mode.

Kut-Rite Conquer 20 Grinder

The Conquer20 Grinder/Polisher is equipped with a sturdy, well balanced chassis and a powerful 5HP cast iron motor that provides the floor flattening capabilities of larger machines, while allowing the maneuverability of a smaller foot print.

Kut-Rite Conquer 30 Grinder

The Conquer 30 VS features a “low profile edge” that can easily reach underneath shelving, cabinets, and other hard to reach places. This feature allows the large planetary machine to reach underneath shelving, cabinets etc… and allows for closer edging by reducing the height of the machine bowl at the edge.

Kut-Rite Edge Kutter Grinder

When powered up, the EDGEKutter floats in infinite directions and turns on a dime, guided by two non-marking swivel casters. The complete grinder and guidance mechanism is safely and compactly tucked away under a cover and does not get in the way of the operator’s feet during maneuvering. It is accurate enough to make touch ups in central areas that the larger machine might have left behind.

Kut-Rite Conquer 32

Kutrite-Conquer-32-250x250This is where grinder meets concrete. KutRite lives and breathes that American-made philosophy every single day, and out of it has come the company’s newest creation, the Conquer 32 Active Planetary Grinder. It features a 20 HP 480v 24.3A 1800 RPM 3 ph WEG Motor sitting on a 630-pound main head – 900 pounds of innovative quality coming down solidly on the concrete!

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