Pre-Owned Surface Prep Equipment

We have a large selection of used cleaning and concrete preparation equipment including: trade-ins, off-lease, and great condition pre-owned machines for you to choose from. Our quality pre-owned equipment is GUARANTEED ready to use. Our factory-trained technicians carefully inspect all equipment and replace worn parts to restore every machine to excellent working condition before we sell. We always have a wide selection of makes and models for you to choose from all at bargain prices! To learn more about these pre-owned cleaning and concrete prep machines, contact us today!

Dust Collectors

Pre-Owned Blastrac BDC-1216

Shot Blasters

Pre-Owned SPE 9G

Pre-Owned BW SB-6

Pre-Owned Blastrac 1-8DEZ

Pre-Owned Blastrac Shot Blaster

Pre-Owned Blastrac 1-8DPS30

Pre-Owned Blastrac 1-10DS

Pre-Owned Blastrac 1-7D

Pre-Owned Blastrac 1-10DLP


Pre-Owned SPE DFG 700

Pre-Owned SPE DFG 500

Pre-Owned Kut-Rite Conquer 25

Pre-Owned Cimex CR48DF

Pre-Owned Cimex CR48HD

Pre-Owned Blastrac 250P

Pre-Owned Kut Rite Edge Kutter

Pre-Owned SPE Easy Grind

Pre-Owned EDCO 7" Turbo Edge Grinder

Pre-Owned Blastrac BGS-250

Pre-Owned Metabo W 24-230


Pre-Owned EDCO Electric Scarifier

Pre-Owned EDCO Gas Scarifier

Pre-Owned SPE BEF 200 Electric

Pre-Owned SPE BEF 200 Gas

Pre-Owned SPE BEF 320 Gas

Pre-Owned Kut Rite KR13

Floor Strippers

Pre-Owned National 6280

Pre-Owned National Riding Stripper

Pre-Owned Blastrac BS-110

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