Jordan Power Equipment is a leading supplier of surface prep equipment, including scarifiers. These powerful machines can be used to remove old coatings, carpet and tile adhesives, grease and oil build-up and even traffic lines, and they are the ideal machines for prepping surfaces before applying new sealers or coatings.

Push Scarifiers

Made by top brands like Bartell, Cimex, BW Manufacturing, EDCO and Kut-Rite, our push scarifiers are strong, reliable machines that produce clean lines for both heavy-duty planing work and preparation. Features of these push scarifiers include optimum weight distribution, variable depth control, prevision planing and texturing, extended cutter life, independent drive wheel motors, easy maneuverability, compact proportions, and convenient engine stop switches for increased safety.

Powerdrive Scarifiers

Some of the features of our powerdrive scarifiers for sale include heavy-duty designs, easy maneuverability, infinitely variable speeds, state-of-the-art scarifying heads, ergonomic designs and one-handed operation controls, manual steering, uncut drum rotation, longer lifespan and faster milling action than ever before.

To learn more about our surface prep equipment for sale and our selection of push and powerdrive scarifiers, contact the team at Jordan Power today!