Shot Blasters

Push Shot Blasters

We provide push shot blasters made by Blastrac and BW Manufacturing. Our Blastrac models are easy-to-use, versatile machines that are ideal for entry-level contractors or for edging by medium or large contractors. Features include optional caster kits, high maneuverability, optimal blast-wheel RPM and unique gear sets in the motor. These machines are perfect for smaller jobs, like residential garage floors, small industrial floors, pool decks, balconies and tight areas with obstructions.

Our BW Manufacturing push shot blaster is a portable, lightweight solution that is ideal for small to medium-sized jobs. It’s one of the most versatile machines available today.

Powerdrive Shot Blasters

Made by Blastrac, our inventory of powerdrive shot blasters boasts features and benefits like high maneuverability, optimal blast-wheel RPM, optional caster kits, ergonomic designs, user-friendly control panels, effective line stripe removal, trouble-free hydraulic drive systems, high production rates and the ability to strip, clean and profile simultaneously.

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