Tile Strippers

SPE MS 230 Multistripper

The compact easy to operate machine offers the user a solution for commercial and domestic applications. Forward motion is achieved by manual effort made easier by the adjustable handle to suit different body heights. All components are manufactured from the highest grade materials ensuring strength and reliability.

SPE MS 330 Multistripper

Since the MS 330 launch this heavy duty power driven machine has proved to be a popular choice setting new industry standards for all strippers of this type to be judged by. By combining many unique features in one machine the MS 330 offers the user a totally effortless high performance stripping machine for the removal of materials in the toughest possible conditions.

Blastrac BMS-220LPG

Blastrac-BMS-220LPG-250x250The BMS-220LPG is perfect for floor stripping applications. With its heavy duty blade holder and motor, the BMS-220LPG can tackle the toughest floor coverings. In addition, with its high level of maneuverability and zero turning radius, the BMS-220LPG can easily operate in tight spaces.  Also featured are non-marking tires and complete hydraulic control.

Blastrac BMS-220ADB

Blastrac-BMS-220ADB-250x250The Blastrac BMS-220ADB ride-on scraper is ideally suited for medium and large sized applications with the added benefit of being battery operated for increased versatility. Works well on all applications such as hardwood parquet, ceramics, linoleum, vinyl, carpet, adhesives, glue, tiles, etc. It is very maneuverable with a zero turn radius, non-marking tires and complete hydraulic control.

Blastrac BS-110

The Blastrac BS-110 floor scraper is a powerful self-propelled machine, ideal for indoor and outdoor medium sized renovation jobs. The BS-110 is constructed of rugged metal for longevity and durability on the worksite. With no hydraulic components, this floor scraper requires almost no maintenance to keep running at peak performance.

EDCO 14″ Self-Propelled Tile Shark Floor Stripper

EDCO-14-Self-Propelled-Tile-Shark-Floor-Stripper-250x250This new Self Propelled Tile Shark floor stripper excells at removing floor coverings with specially designed ramming action, weight, and power. Its ability to remove floor coverings is extensive.
Self propulsion drive can be used both manually and automatically Ram action is a direct drive application – ramming action is isolated and applied directly to floor.

EDCO 8″ Manual Tile Shark Floor Stripper

EDCO-8-Manual-Tile-Shark-Floor-Stripper-250x250Remove up to 200 sq. ft. per hour of vinyl or other related soft material (Square footage amounts and time schedules will vary based on material and adhesion). Folding handle for easy transport & storage. Sharktooth wrench for easy blade changes. Heavy-duty steel material deflector shield. Multiple position hand held assembly. Heavy-duty flexible rubber isolators.

Innovatech T2100 XME

InnovaTechT211The Terminator T-2100XME is the newest member of the Terminator family of elite floor removal machines. The T-2100XME has all the power and capability needed to remove VCT, vinyl, carpet, and many other flooring materials in a compact and easy to maneuver design. The 26-inch-wide T-2100XME fits through any standard doorway and the hydraulically adjusted blade provides the versatility to remove all types of flooring material.

Innovatech T2100 EI

InnovaTechT21When floor removal is the task at hand serious machinery is required. At Innovatech, we are proud to deliver our Terminator line to clients all over the world. The well-engineered ride on floor scraper, has a complete line of flooring removal machines that is designed specifically to cut even the biggest jobs down to size. The T2100EI is one of the standout carpet and tile removal machines in our line.

Innovatech T2200 PRO

InnovaTechT2112Easily fits through any standard doorway or onto elevators. The workhorse in floor removal technology, the 55HP Terminator T-2200PRO is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding removal project. The newly updated T-2200PRO is the most advanced flooring removal machine on the market. Utilizing Innovatech’s unique “Cool Flow” hydraulic system, dual joystick design, integrated swivel head, and 15 years of experience the T-2200PRO has no equal.

National Equipment 550

NationalEquipment1The accelerated rpm orbital cutting action provides an efficient and operator friendly work environment. Ideal for light commercial, residential and DIY markets the 550 removes most light weight floor coverings to include carpet, glues & adhesives, VCT and residential grade ceramics (utilizing the patented 552 carbide tip cutting shank – included). The adjustable AOA (Angle of Approach) allows the 550 to work efficiency on wood substrates as well as concrete.

National Equipment 5280

This hydraulically-driven, forward self-propelled scraper removes the worst of today’s soft goods such as glued down floors, gummy commercial carpet, VCT, solid vinyl, radial rubber tile, sheet rubber, indoor and outdoor sport surfaces, roofing material, and more. The features of this machine reduce operator fatigue while optimizing time and labor savings to complete jobs swiftly and economically. The compact design makes it ideal for use in confined spaces.

National Equipment 6280 Commander

This is the heavier and faster big brother of the 5280. This hydraulically-driven forward and reverse self-propelled scraper removes the worst of today’s soft goods such as glued down floors, gummy commercial carpet, VCT, solid vinyl, radial rubber tile, sheet rubber, indoor and outdoor sport surfaces, roofing material and more.

National Equipment 6280HD Gladiator

The heavier and more powerful big brother of the 6280 Commander, this heavy duty, hydraulically driven forward and reverse self-propelled walk behind scraper is designed to efficiently remove both soft and hard goods. Engineered with more torque, the 6280HD Commander plows through most floor covering and substrate material.

National Equipment 5625

This propane powered scraper sets the operational standard for high removal rates. Different from scrapers that are powered using a hydrostat drive system, National’s 5625 benefits from both the speed and power of a hydraulic drive. This hydraulic design provides the scraper with consistent and continuous torque.

National Equipment 5200QL

The 5200QL (Quick Load) ride-on floor scraper is the only replaceable battery machine in the industry. Easily installed, the rear accessed battery pack allows convenient changing and transport. This machine is great for commercial surface removal and preparation, and it is quiet and compact enough for residential jobs.

National Equipment 5700HS

national-5700-riding-stripper-for-saleThe 5700HS (High Speed) is designed to cover more square footage in less time than the 5700. It is engineered for speed and accuracy. This machine is ideal for time sensitive projects because it operates 30% faster while equipped with the All Day Battery technology.

National Equipment 7700

The 7700 is the bigger, heavier and faster version of the 5700. With many similarities and the rugged professional standards, it is designed with more weight band built to remove difficult material; while still using National’s industry leading battery configuration.

National Equipment 5700

national-5700-riding-stripper-for-saleThe 5700 is the cornerstone of National’s scraper fleet. This All Day Battery Ride-On machine powers through an average eight hour day without requiring a battery recharge or electrical cord assistance. The onboard, built-in charging system has the versatility to plug into any outlet. There are no harmful fumes or hazardous bi-products.

National Equipment 8000

This heavy duty propane powered scraper sets the operational standard for high removal rates. National’s patented carbide angle shank technology combined with the added efficiency advantage of the 8000’s dual lift hydraulic slide plate affords this 2,887 lb scraper to rival 3,500 lb class units.

National Equipment 5110

National-Equipment-5110-250x250The 5110 is an electric ride-on floor scraper. It is designed for tight maneuverability, easy transport and is easily maintained.

National Equipment 2900

National-Equipment-2900-250x250The 2900 is designed specifically for high-speed soft goods removal. This machine is a durable, emission-free, budget-conscious workhorse. The 2900 will remove VCT quickly and efficiently.

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